Dealing with spams received in Messages app

Message app spam

Have you received lately any messages written in an unknown language from someone you do not know? If you received unwanted texts in your Messages app, most likely you have become a spam target.

Messages app is capable of handling telco’s SMS/MMS messages as well as Apple’s own iMessages. Report spam of SMS/MMS to your cellular provider. Report iMessages spam to Apple directly.

To identify if a text is an iMessage,  look in the conversation thread for an “iMessage” label above the messages. For SMS/MMS, the label is “Text Message”.


To report the spam iMessage to Apple, send an email to with the following:

  1. Include a screenshot of the message you have received.
  2. Include the full email address or phone number you received the unwanted message from. 
  3. Include the date and time that you received the message.
iOS 7 will have built-in blocking feature to filter numbers from sending you text messages. Until iOS 7 is released in the summer, and for those not willing to upgrade, reporting spam is the only hope to reduce spams in your Messages app.