Will existing apps run under iOS 7?

Apple is expected to release iOS 7 to the public within the first two weeks of September. With iOS 7, Apple overhauls the whole look and feel, making the whole experience of using iPhone refreshed and modern. The screenshot for the contact info below illustrates the extend of changes.


When you run an existing iOS 6 app under iOS7, it retains the same look and feel as it has when running under iOS 6. If the app uses iOS system prompt and alert messages, then iOS 7 will display them using the new look. The following shows the Tumblr app displaying system prompt in new design running under iOS 7.


Some apps, due to their use of customised visual control, will appear “broken”. The following shows an example using Dropbox app. The right-top button is not showing the correct background colour when Dropbox app is run under iOS 7. This however does not impact the functionality.


We have been using iOS 7 beta release for a while and can report that all existing apps that we use run fine under iOS 7. iOS developers as usual will update their apps to be compatible with iOS 7. We expect many will also take this opportunity to brush up their apps’ UI interface design to be more in tuned to the flat look of iOS 7. 

Should one upgrade to iOS 7 on day one of its release? The answer is certainly yes if you’re not running any mission critical apps.