How to make your iPhone feels faster using Reduce Motion

iOS 7 Settings app come with a “Reduce Motion” setting that can disable the parallax effect and home screen icon animations and zooms. Some has discovered that their iPhone feels “faster and more responsive” with “Reduce Motion” turn on. This is especially true if you are running iOS 7 on an older iPhone such as iPhone 4s.


To turn on “Reduce Motion”, tap General > Accessibility on the Settings app.


Under “Reduce Motion” settings, tap the switch to turn on Reduce Motion.

This Reduce Motion setting is not available in iPhone 4, as by default parallax effect and icon animations are turned off in iPhone 4.

Please also make sure you’re running iOS 7.0.3. In prior version of iOS 7, “Reduce Motion” only disable the parallax effect but it didn’t disable icon effects and animations.