4 reasons why it is not a good time to buy a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One

Sony PlatStation 4 vs Microsoft Xbox One

Hardcore gamers probably would’ve own a Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One by now. But for those who just need a game console in their living room for occasional thrill, here are four reasons why it is probably wiser to wait for a while before making the purchase. 

Early Stage

Both Sony and Microsoft build their console for a life span of up to10 years. In order to enjoy the full potential of brand new game console, you need to have games build specially to take advantage of the newer graphical processing power of the console. Such games are few at the moment, and typically you will get a better game selection after a year of the console’s release.

Steam Machines

Valve is entering the living room gaming with its Steam gaming platform. It has partnered with different manufactures to build gaming console based on its Steam Machine specification and SteamOS operating system. Companies such as Alienware and Origin are onboard. Steam Machine can run nearly 3,000 games currently on Steam and should see a release date later in 2014.

Apple TV

Apple store feature Apple TV as new category

Apple is unlikely to release a HDTV this year, but 4th generation Apple TV is expected this year. Apple recently revamped its online store with Apple TV featured for the first time as a new product category. This points to new emphasis of this once “hobby” product within Apple, and many has speculated that Apple will finally bring games to the Apple TV this year.


It is rumoured that Amazon will launch its own Android based gaming console this year for a below USD $300 price. With its readily baked of music, movie and TV streaming platform, Amazon is definitely a force to be reckoned with if it introduces a console for the living room.