AnandTech’s Mac Pro (Late 2013) Review


AnandTech has published its in-depth review of Apple’s radically redesigned Mac Pro. It is a favourable review praising Apple’s willingness to take risk to come out with an innovative and radically different desktop form factor.

The review does point out that the new Mac Pro is targeting a niche media professional market where app workloads can benefit from the many CPU cores and GPU option in the Mac Pro. For single thread applications, there is not a healthy performance boast compare to a top-end iMac.

All in all the new Mac Pro is a good update to its aging predecessor. Apple did a great job with the new chassis and build a desktop that’s extremely dense with compute. When I had to dust off the old Mac Pros to prepare them for this comparison I quickly remembered many of the reasons that frustrated me about the platform. The old Mac Pro was big, bulky, a pain to work on and was substantially behind the consumer Macs in single threaded performance. The new Mac Pro fixes literally all of that. If you have a workload that justifies it and prefer OS X, the Mac Pro is thankfully no longer just your only solution, it’s a great solution.

For Mac OS reviews, we read John Siracusa. For Mac hardware reviews, AnandTech is obligatory read.