Nest Learning Thermostat by Google


It is timely to feature Nest Learning Thermostat, as Nest the company had just been acquired by Google. Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmable, Internet connected and smartphone controllable thermostat. It has an auto-schedule feature that will remember the temperature that you like, and helps you save energy while you’re away. You can control it with web app or iPhone if the device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

The Google acquisition costs USD $3.2 billion and was the biggest tech news last week. Nest founder Tony Fadell is known as the “father of the iPod” and Nest staffs comprises more than 100 ex-Apple employees. Google finally has someone in its payroll who knows how to build a hardware, software and service platform. The good news is Nest will keep its brand and operate independently. The bad news is people are wondering if Google will make use of your Nest product data for ads targeting purpose.