You can use Mac Pro on its side


Apple has published its guideline for those who want to place their brand new Mac Pro on its side. Yes you can place it on its side even though the new Mac Pro is  designed to operate in an upright position. First you need to make sure it does not roll, and then make sure the airflow exhaust at the top is not covered. You are not supposed to build a Mac Pro centipede even if you have enough cash to burn.

  • Provide enough space at each end of the computer for unrestricted airflow into the base and out the exhaust at the top. Make sure that the air intake and exhaust ports are not covered.
  • When using multiple Mac Pro (Late 2013) computers, do not direct the exhaust at the top of one Mac Pro towards the intake of another system. Place the computers side by side with a gap of at least several inches between them.
  • When on its side, secure the Mac Pro (Late 2013) to be sure that it doesn’t roll. Place the computer on a protective surface that will not scratch or damage the enclosure. Note: The Apple Limited Warranty does not cover cosmetic damage to the enclosure.
  • Orient the computer so that the Input/Output (I/O) panel remains accessible during use.