From Samsung Galaxy S5 to iPhone 6

From Samsung Galaxy S5 to iPhone 6

It is a yearly ritual, Samsung release their flagship Galaxy S phone in March/April and Apple release a new iPhone in September. Unexpectedly, the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 retains much of the look of its predecessor which is deemed unpolished by many. Samsung is doing a samesung by incorporating a finger print sensor in Galaxy S5. Other than that the hardware specification is an incremental improvement that contains a number of features that is deemed mandatory for a flagship model in 2014. Lets check out some new features in Samsung Galaxy S5 that we can look forward to in iPhone 6, or not.

5.1 inch display – Samsung is increasing the size of Galaxy S phone with each new generation. There are many Galaxy fans complaining about this 5.1 inch size, which is closer to a ‘phablet’ size than a smartphone. iPhone 6 will never have such a large screen size. But all Apple rumours point to a larger than 4 inch screen size in iPhone 6. Lets hope the new size remains pocket friendly.

16 MP camera and 4K video – Bigger mega pixel does not equal a better camera. Bigger mega pixel does equal bigger file size. Instead we want a better camera in iPhone 6, one with better image quality and superb low light performance. Ability to capture 4k video however is a nice to have.

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi – It is quite safe to say that 802.11ac Wi-Fi will become standard in iPhone 6.

IP67 water and dust resistance –  Galaxy S5 is water and dust resistant up to IP67 standard. It is nice to have but it is doubtful we will see Apple implement such feature in iPhone 6. In Galaxy S5, Samsung build a hanging-flap around the port connector in order to prevent water and dust. It is unthinkable for Apple to have such a design.

Build-in heart rate sensor – it is gimmicky as it does not monitor heart rate continuously. Well there are already a number of iOS apps that can measure your heart rate rather accurately in the App Store without hardware assistant.

USB 3.0 connector – Lets hope Apple will upgrade its lighting connector in iPhone 6 to take advantage of USB 3 speed.

High capacity battery for 20 hours use – Battery is one area which we hope iPhone 6 will greatly improved. iPhone 5/5s currently has about 10 hours of use for a full charge, which is not ideal.