How to set up multiple user accounts in Google Chrome

When you use Google Chrome and sign in to a Google account, all your bookmarks, apps, extensions, open tabs, theme, browser settings are synced to the cloud. You then get the same browser environments when you run Chrome at work or at home.

You can set up multiple Google user accounts from within the browser. This is useful if you share a computer with your family members or you keep separate professional and personal accounts. This allows you to quickly switch between different user browser sessions without OS X logout and login.

To add an additional user, click on the Chrome menu chomemenu on the right end of browser toolbar and select Settings. 

Add New User to Google Chrome

In the “Users” section, click on “Add new user…”. A dialog appears prompting you to choose a name and an icon for the user. 

Create New User in Google Chrome

Click “Create” and a new window popups to prompt you to sign-in to a Google account in order to associate it with the user. Notice that the icon that you selected appears on top right corner of the window.

Sign In to Google Account 

Once you have more than a user setup, each right corner of Chrome window will display the icon for the current user of the session. To switch to a different user, click on the icon and select from the drop-down list.

Selecting user account in Google Chrome

Google Chrome so far is the only browser that allows multiple user accounts. Please note that multiple users within the browser is intended to provide convenience and does not secure your data against people using your Mac.