How to create a Google account without a Gmail address

Google account is required to access Google services such as Google Drive, Docs and allow you to store your preferences and favourites in Google Maps, YouTube etc. A number of people do not realise that you do not need to have a Gmail address in order to create a Google account. 

To create a Google account using your iCloud email, Yahoo email, Outlook email or email address from your Internet provider, visit this page.

How to create a Google account without a Gmail address

Notice that you can enter your own email address in the account creation form. Off course Google very much would like you to click the “I would like a new Gmail address” link to have a Gmail account created.

There are a growing number of websites that you can sign on using Google account. This means you can use the same email address via Google account, to login across these websites instead of creating a new userid and password for each.

Please note that Google requires its account to be active. If you’re not a heavy user of Google services, remember to sign on to your Google account once in a while using services such as Google Maps or YouTube.  A login to a Google service will keep the active status of your Google account.