How to do Google search by image

How to do Google search by image

Some people might not realise that one can search by image using Google. You submit to Google your image, and Google will search the web for sites that contain the same and similar images. This is useful for example if you’re trying to find out the location of a landmark in a photo or to identify the breed of a dog.

Head over to, instead of typing search query text, click on the camera icon.

How to do Google search by image 3 ways to input image

A dialog box will pop up allowing you to submit your image. There are three ways to input your image. 1) You can simply drag-and-drop an image from your Mac to the dialog box. 2) or click on “Upload an image” to select the picture on your hard drive 3) or paste an image URL that you copied from the net.

The results vary but at times it could be eerie to see how correct Google can be.