iOS 8 wish list: 8 things we want

iOS 8 wish list: 8 things we want

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 8 at its WWDC developer conference in June this year, with a final release in September. Here are the wish list for eight features that we would like to see in iOS 8:

Multiple user account – this is a feature many need since the first release of iPad. Multiple user account is part of the underlying core of iOS, which shares the same foundation as OS X. Unfortunately it seems quite certain that Apple wants each of us to have our own iOS device, and this feature is unlikely to appear in iOS 8.

Spotlight search for apps – currently you can use Spotlight to search for data in default iOS apps such as Contacts, Mail etc and list of installed apps. It would be ideal if Apple can open up the search API for third party apps so that we can search directly within them from Spotlight.

Weather, stocks, calculator, voice memo, compass for iPad – these apps are default iOS apps for iPhone but are missing in iPad. Why Apple why?

H265 video codec – H265 promises to be a more efficient codec than current standard H264. Lets hope Apple will start supporting this next-generation video codec in its hardware and platform starting this year.

24bit HD audio – 24 bit HD audio caters to a niche audience as many in the population can not readily differentiate the higher quality delivered. But there is certainly growing interest as high end HD audio gears are now more affordable than ever. You can play and listen to HD audio on OS X and iOS devices, but it would make HD audio more ubiquitous if Apple support it directly in iTunes store and its music player. 

Quit all background apps – to close an app, you activate the multitasking screen and flip the app up. However you can only close one app at a time. It would be nice if there is an option to close all background apps at once. Maybe just a switch within Settings to clear off background apps after a reboot?

Record voice call – Apple should build recording facility right within the Phone app. There is no easy way to record a phone call, unless you’re running a jailbreak device with unauthorised recording app.

Run universal app in iPhone – you can run iPhone only app in a simulation mode in iPad. It would be nice to do the reverse with the ability to run iPad app inside iPhone. It might work as the screen size for iPhone 6 is rumoured to be bigger.