Linux Foundation is offering $2,400 “Introduction to Linux” course free and online at edX this summer

Linux Foundation is offering $2,400

Linux Foundation has announced that it is offering its usual “Introduction to Linux” foundation course at online learning site edX. The course (costs $2,400 usually) will commence this summer, is free of charge and you can start enrol now

“Our mission is to advance Linux and that includes ensuring we have a talent pool of Linux professionals. To widen that talent pool and give more people access to the opportunities in the Linux community and IT industry, we are making our training program more accessible to users worldwide.”

edX is an online learning platform governed by Harvard and MIT universities. This is the first time Linux Foundation is offering its course outside its own website. The course is about 40-60 hours, there is no prerequisites and you can take the course for a certificate of completion.

Linux is the third most popular desktop operating system outside of Windows and OS X. It is also used heavily by servers running internet websites. It shares some history lineage with OS X/iOS by being similar to the Unix operating system. Some knowledge and familiarity with Linux might be beneficial in your line of work, and you will find some aspects of OS X works the same way as Linux. Take a closer look at this introductory course, it might be suitable for you.