Use Kill and Yank as a secondary copy-and-paste in OS X

Clipboard and its copy, cut and paste is the essential function of any operating system. When you’re editing a text in OS X, you use Command-C to copy or Command-X to cut a piece of text to the clipboard, and Command-V to paste that text back.

Command-V will always paste back the last copy/cut text. What if you want to grab two separate pieces of text and paste them into one location? Turns out that in OS X there are Kill and Yank editing commands that can act as secondary clipboard for copy-and-paste.

Kill and Yank are editing commands thus are only available when you’re editing text in application such as TextEdit. You can not perform these commands on non-editing text such as on a web page.

When you Kill a text, that piece of text is removed from the editor and placed into a secondary buffer area similar to clipboard. You can then Yank (paste) the text back to the editor. These are similar operations to Cut and Paste via the clipboard.

Use Kill and Yank as a secondary copy-and-paste in OS X

To Kill a text, select the text and hit Control-K. If there is no text selection, Control-K will kill the text from cursor onwards to the end of the paragraph. To Yank (paste) the text back out, hit Control-Y

You will notice that Kill and Yank operate independently from the clipboard. Try enter Command-V to confirm.