Who can play Steve Jobs?

Who can play Steve Jobs

Director David Fincher is causing some buzz by pointing out Christian Bale as his top choice as Steve Jobs for the upcoming Sony movie based on Water Isaacson’s biography. David Fincher, who also directed The Social Network, is in talk to direct the unnamed biopic. In fact, he goes as far to say that he will take the job only if Bale agrees to take the lead role. Nothing is concrete as Batman Mr Bale has yet been approached.

Aaron Sorkin, who also wrote The Social Network, has completed the movie script in January this year. The film is said to take place in three 30-minutes continuous scenes at three Apple product launches. The movie is scheduled to start production later this year for a release in 2015.

Bale does have physical resemblance to Jobs. It is a pity if he turns down the role, as we will also lose a good director in Fincher. It is a challenge for the casting of Steve Jobs, as it is an iconic face that is familiar to many. And the actor has to portray Jobs as a young man who started Apple in the garage, and also an older age CEO with a dramatic weight loss at his final years.

One suggestion is to cast a complete unknown. A risk that movie studio executives are unlikely to undertake. Maybe we could use some Pixar magic to create the first biopic that features a completely computer generated actor. Do you find any actor that could work for the Steve Jobs role? Let us know in the comments.