How to mute Gmail inbox conversations

Email Reply-All conversations can be a nuisance at times, especially when it is a thread that just won’t die or you have no interest in the thread. Wish you could shout out loud “Please stop replying to all!!”? If you’re using Gmail, you can silently drop out of the conversations using the “mute” feature.

When you mute an email conversations in Gmail, all new messages to you in the thread will bypass the Inbox and will be archived. To mute, open the email thread, click on the More button on the message toolbar. Select Mute from the drop down box.

How to mute Gmail inbox conversations

You can also use the Gmail keyboard shortcut m to quickly mute conversations.

Muted messages are not marked as read and are searchable. Type is:muted into your Gmail search box to find all muted conversations.

To unmute a thread and join back the conversations, simply click the More button and select Unmuted from the menu.