Listen to your iTunes library with Spotify using “Your Music”

Listen to your iTunes library with Spotify using Your Music

Spotify recently launched a new dark theme look, and with it a brand new “Your Music” feature. It is essentially a personal collection library that you manage from within Spotify, allowing you to organise your favourite music the way you like rather than relying on official playlists. When you found albums and songs that you like on Spotify, just hit save to add them into “Your Music” collection.

One neat feature of “My Music” is the ability to “add” local music files on your Mac or in your iTunes library. This expectedly requires Spotify desktop app for OS X.

Listen to your iTunes library with Spotify using Your Music selecting local files

On Spotify for Mac, click on Local Files under “Your Music” section. Your list of available music on your Mac will be displayed. Spotify will display songs in your “Music” folder, “Downloads” folder and iTunes. You can go to Spotify > Preferences to add more sources.

Simply select the files and drag them into Songs to add them into Spotify. You can use Command+A to select all songs at once. Alternatively, you can import your iTunes playlists into Spotify directly. Select from menu File > Import Playlists > iTunes. This will create the same playlists in the “Your Music” section. Once the files are added to “Your Music”, you can listen to them on all devices running Spotify.

In reality, your local mp3 files are not copied to Spotify. Rather Spotify will match your music to the tracks on their server, thus when you play your local file on Spotify, it is streaming from Spotify server. This essentially allows you to sync your whole iTunes library and play it anywhere using Spotify.

One caveat to keep in mind, the local files you add must be already available on Spotify. Since Spotify does not have all catalog music, chance is high that you’re not able to add some of your files to “Your Music”.