How to share your task list in iOS Reminders with others

You can share your tasks in Reminders app with your friends and family members. This is useful for small group project or simply just to share groceries shopping list with your spouse. The sharing feature has been around since iOS 6 but is not commonly known as you can not manage the sharing from within iOS. You have to use the Reminders app on the Mac or via

Reminders’ sharing feature is facilitated by iCloud. Those who need access to the shared list require iCloud setup on their iOS devices or an Apple ID account in order to access You also can only share out a whole Reminders list. Sharing of individual task is not support.

Go to Reminders for OS X. Select the list that you want to share with others. As the sharing feature relies on iCloud, you need to select a list that is located in iCloud and not on “On My Mac”. Hover your mouse over the list name until you see a broadcast icon on the right of the list name, click on it.

How to share your task list in iOS Reminders with others

On the pop out window, enter the name or email address of all the people you want to share your list with. Click “Done” button and wait for your contacts to join the list.

Once a list is shared, the broadcast icon will be displayed permanently to the right of the list name. This broadcast icon is also the place to add or remove any members in the shared list.

You can setup sharing via if you do not have access to a Mac. Sign in to and open the Reminders app. You will see a similar interface to the app on the Mac.  

How to share your task list in iOS Reminders with others via

All participants in the shared list will receive an email invitation to join the list. They must accept in order to view and edit the shared list.

When a person accepts your invitation, you will receive a notification alert on your iOS devices.