6 notably hyped apps in first half of 2014

Hype for an app can be a result of it being good, bad, addictive or disruptive. Irregardless, we highlight 6 such apps that caught our attention in the first half of 2014.

Flappy Bird

 notably hyped apps in first half of 2014 angry bird

Angry Bird is undoubtedly the most talked about mobile game so far this year. It was released in 2013 and received huge rise of popularity in early 2014. It is additive but was also criticised for its difficult level and alleged plagiarism in game arts. The Vietnam-based developer Dong Nguyen had removed the game from App Store in February due to “his guilt over the additive nature of the game”.  This take-down did not stop the demand for Flappy Bird download, and resulted in a dozen or so Flappy Bird clones occupying the App Store game chart days after the removal. 


notably hyped apps in first half of 2014 2048

2048 is a puzzle game that is compared to Angry Bird for its addictiveness and numerous spinoff clones. Created by 19-year-old Italian Gabriele Cirulli, the game design is inspired by Threes! and was initially available as a web app with its source code readily available to the public. Cirulli has since ported the game to iOS and Android.


notably hyped apps in first half of 2014 secret

Secret allows you to share picture and message anonymously with your circle of friends, friends of friends or the public. Founded by ex-Googlers David Byttow and Chrys Bader-Wechseler, the app is one of the leading app in the anonymous sharing space. Such apps oppose the openness of sharing platform such as Facebook or Google+. The ethicacy of anonymous sharing is debatable, just be cautious of what you share or who you trust if you intend to try out the app.

Monument Valley

notably hyped apps in first half of 2014 monument valley

Monument Valley must be one of the most beautiful looking puzzle games on the App Store. In the game, you direct Princess Ida to unlock mechanics and clear the path through to each levels map exit. Monument Valley is a winner of Apple Design Award 2014. 


notably hyped apps in first half of 2014 tinder

Tinder is a location-based app that uses your Facebook profile for match making. The app analyses your social graph and select potential candidates who are likely to be compatible to you. With a simple tapping or swiping, you select or reject those you like. If two users like each other it is a match and Tinder then introduced each other and open a chat room for both.  


notably hyped apps in first half of 2014 yo

Yo is an app with the sole function of sending your friend the word “yo”. It is so simple and brain-dead that one might wonder how could it be popular. It has over a million downloads and was able to reach number 3 in App Store chart ranking. Truly hyped.