How to hide or disable the QuickType predictive text bar in iOS 8

iOS 8 comes with an all-new predictive text engine called QuickType for the built-in system keyboard. It predicts what you’ll likely to key in based your past patterns, and presents choices of words or phrases in a tappable bar directly on top of the virtual keyboard. If you find QuickType not as useful or the bar is taking up much valuable screen space, you can hide the bar or disable the feature completely.

Hide the QuickType bar

To quickly hide the QuickType bar on the virtual keyboard, tap and hold anywhere on the bar, and drag down to hide the bar. The bar will collapsed into a thin line with a tiny handlebar indicator in the middle.

How to hide the QuickType predictive text bar in iOS 8

To unhide the QuickType bar, tap and hold on the handlebar and drag it up. 

Disable the QuickType bar

To disable the QuickType bar completely, go to the Settings app under Settings > General > Keyboard. Under your keyboard’s language section, tap to turn off the “Predictive” option.

How to disable the QuickType predictive text bar in iOS 8

Switching off “Predictive” will turn off the predictive text engine, thus will disable the QuickType bar from appearing on the virtual keyboard.