Workflow app

Workflow for iOS

iOS devices are not made to be customizable as OS X desktop due to its sandwich environments for reliability purpose. Apps are run single purposely one at a time and there is no real multitasking tailored for efficiency.

iOS 8 changes all by providing app frameworks that allow apps to interact with each other. Developers can now build app extensions to provide Today’s widgets, Photos extensions, custom keyboard, share options and custom actions. These opens greatly the possibility of customization in iOS.

Now there is an app aptly named Workflow that takes advantage of iOS 8’s new extension frameworks. It is the first true automation app on iOS. If Apple were to build Automator for iOS, it would be similar to this app.

Workflow App

Workflow provides a quick tutorial to walk you though building steps to create a GIF. The interaction is largely drag and drop by selecting the steps/actions to create the workflow that you like. Workflow includes over 150 actions for favourite apps. For example, Add New Event to add event to Calendar app, Send Mail to send a mail, Save to Dropbox to save to Dropbox etc.

In case you’ve run out of idea what workflow is possible, there is a Gallery of prebuilt workflows which serve as templates to get you started to copy and customize as your own. In addition, you can save a workflow as bookmark on your iOS home screen. This is called Workflow app. Tapping on the app icon will launch and start the workflow.

Workflow has a simple and intuitive interface. After a day’s heavy usage, we’ve barely scratched what is possible with this app. Workflow is now at a 40% off for a limited time as part of launch special. Highly recommended.