Apple Watch vs Apple Watch Sport

If you’re undecided to get the Apple Watch or the cheaper Apple Watch Sport, here’s an unboxing video of both versions side-by-side by Dom Esposito that might help you to make up your mind.

Apple Watch Sport is packaged in a rectangular box with a compact case that is similar to what you get from a Swatch watch. Apple Watch is housed in a plastic box casing that has that premium feel of a jewelry box. Besides the packaging, Apple Watch display is coated with sapphire crystal, while the Apple Watch Sport display is made up of weaker glass. In addition, the charger for Apple Watch has a bruised steel casing while the one for the Sport is made of plastic.

All versions of Apple Watch apparently are made up of the same internals and software. The difference lies with the material used in the casing, the band, the packaging presentation and the charging cable. This is a first generation electronic product, which means a newer and improved Apple Watch could come as early as next Spring. Is it worthwhile to pay for the premium now?