1997 article on “101 ways to save Apple”

Here’s an interesting read down the memory lane of a Wired magazine article “101 Ways to Save Apple”. Some of the points highlighted are pretty spot on, while others are way off. 

Dear Apple,
In the movie Independence Day, a PowerBook saves the earth from destruction. Now it’s time to return the favor. Unfortunately, even devoted Mac addicts must admit that you look a little beleaguered these days: a confusing product line, little inspiration from the top, software developers fleeing.

But who wants to live in a world without you? Not us. So we surveyed a cross section of hardcore Mac fans and came up with 101 ways to get you back on the path to salvation. We chose not to resort to time travel or regurgitate the same old shoulda/coulda/wouldas (you shoulda licensed your OS in 1987, for instance, or coulda upped your price/performance in 1993).

We don’t believe Apple is rotten to the core. Chrysler nearly went under in the late 1970s and came back to lead its industry. Here’s a fresh assessment of what can be done to fix your once-great company using the material at hand. Don’t wait for a miracle. You have the power to save the world – and yourself.

It is published on June 1997, a time when Apple was in a dire state financially. Steve Jobs was back in Apple as a result of Apple’s NeXT purchase in December 1996, but he was not at the helm, not until July 1997.