Express yourself with Disney Gif keyboard extension for iOS with characters from Inside Out, Frozen, Toy Story, Star Wars

Disney Gif keyboard extension for iOS

Disney has a new Disney Gif” app which is a keyboard extension for iOS. With this new keyboard, you can easily share over 200 animated GIFs and Emojis with characters from Inside Out, Frozen, Toy Story, The Lion King, Star Wars, Up, Finding Nemo etc.

Once the app is installed, you need to enable it from Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. Select Disney Gif and switch on “Allow Full Access”. “Allow Full Access” is required for any third party keyboard in iOS to function properly. Disney has put up a disclaimer on its app description to affirm that the app tracks anonymous usage for the function of the app and is not snooping on you.

Why does Disney Gif need “full access”? Full access allows Disney Gif to get awesome gifs from the Internet so you can add them to your messages. Without full access, Disney Gif cannot do either. 

Disney Gif does not and cannot track keystrokes for any other keyboards (including the standard Apple keyboard). Disney Gif cannot access any private information stored on your phone. Disney Gif can only track what GIFs are being used at an anonymous and aggregated level. This anonymous data helps us to improve the quality of the gifs we make available and overall happiness with the app.

Once the keyboard is enabled, you can then choose Disney Gif as your keyboard by tapping on the globe icon to toggle to the keyboard. Or press and hold on the globe icon and then select Disney Gif from the menu. You can preview a GIF in full size by tap and hold on it.

Disney Gif is a free app with in-app purchase for premium contents. Currently there are two premium packs each at $0.99 for GIFs and Emojis from Frozen. More premium packs are expected in the future for your emotional GIF sending.

Disney Gif on the App Store