How to type the Apple logo  with your iPhone or iPad

On your Mac, you can easily pull up the Apple logo  character by pressing Option + Shift + K. With Watch and Pay marketing all over the places, you’d think Apple would make it straight forward for you to key in the Apple logo on your iPhone or iPad. Not so. 

Even the default Emoji keyboard does not contain the Apple logo character. Sure you can find one third party keyboard that would allow you type the logo, here’s a text replacement trick that does the job.

Open this web page on your iPhone or iPad, tap and hold on this Apple logo  and select “Copy” from the menu. This will copy the Apple logo character into system clipboard.

Go to Settings app and select General > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

How to type Apple logo with iOS

On the keyboard shortcut screen, tap the “+” button on top right corner to add a new keyboard shortcut.

Adding keyboard shortcut to type Apple logo

On the “Phrase” field, tap and hold, and then select “Paste” from the menu to paste the Apple logo in the system clipboard into place.

On the “Shortcut” field, enter a short string such as “applelogo”. This text when type out will be replaced automatically by the  character. Tap the “Save” button to create the keyboard shortcut.

The next time when you want the Apple logo, start typing out “applelogo” (or the phrase you’ve chosen). The  character will appear in the Quick Type bar for you to select. Or you can type out the full phrase to have it automatically replaced with the Apple logo icon.

Typing Apple logo text replacement