iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 5: hardware specs is not everything

Samsung’s newly released Galaxy Note 5 has an impressive hardware specs: quad core CPU and 4G of RAM. As expected, this clobber iPhone 6 which has a duo core processor and 1G of RAM. However hardware specs alone does not determine a phone’s performance.

A YouTube user “DroidModderX ROOT Master” has posted a video pitting Galaxy Note 5 against the iPhone 6 in a simple speed test by opening up various apps. Judging by the YouTube account name, the guy is not an Apple fanboy.

iPhone 6 is able to keep up to Note 5 when opening up apps. Where iPhone 6 really blew the Note 5 out of the water was when the apps were open for the second round. Apps on iPhone 6 popped out instantly while on the Note 5 it still had to go through the full load.

The speed test is not scientific but it does give a gauge on actual user experience using both flagship phones. It’s nice to note that iPhone 6 is almost one year old.