Look at the f**king poster on Jony Ive’s office wall

The New Yorker did a write up titled “The Shape of Things To Come” on Sir Jonathan Ive early this year. It is an interesting read if you’re into design or things Apple. There is a detail description of Jony Ive’s office in the article:

On the floor, behind a Marc Newson desk, was a rugby ball. Overlapping framed images leaned against the wall: a Banksy print of the Queen with the face of a chimpanzee, and a poster, well known in design circles, that begins, “Believe in your fucking self. Stay up all fucking night,” and ends, many admonitions later, “Think about all the fucking possibilities.”

The poster mentioned on Jony Ive’s office wall has a F word in every sentence. If you want one yourself, the poster can be bought for about $100 from here. Below is the poster in full. Please do not read further if you find F words offensive. 

Fucking poster