Many are not happy with Spotify’s updated privacy policy

Spotify updated its terms and conditions, and many users are not happy. The music streaming service, in order to “tailor improved user experience”, now wants to access to your contacts, pictures, sensor data stored on your phone and permission to view your social media activity.

We are constantly innovating and evolving our service to deliver the best possible experience for our users. This means delivering the perfect recommendations for every moment, and helping you to enjoy, discover and share more music than ever before. The data we access simply helps us to tailor improved experiences to our users, and build new and personalized products for the future. 

The privacy and security of our customers’ data is – and will remain – Spotify’s highest priority. We will always ask for individual permission or clearly inform you of the ability to opt out from sharing location, photos, voice and contacts.

According to latest figure, Spotify has about 75 million active users and 20 million subscribers in 58 countries. Enough users that pissing a number of them really doesn’t matter much to the company.

Minecraft creator Markus Persson (@notch) is the first celebrity to cancel his Spotify account in response to the changes in privacy policies. He tweeted to his 2.4 million followers “As a consumer, I’ve always loved your service. You’re the reason I stopped pirating music. Please consider not being evil.”.

Markus Persson @notch cancel Spotify account

Check out Spotify’s latest Privacy Policy. Are you angered by the changes? If you think It is not worth the while giving out your privacy by using Spotify, check out its competent competitor Apple Music.