Enable “Ask Before Deleting” in Mail for iOS for peace of mind

Many Mail for iOS users are dreadful of the Archive Message icon on the bottom toolbar. Tap on this little box icon, and the message you’re reading is archived and deleted from the inbox, with no prompt or warning. 

Dreadful archive message icon in Mail for iOS

The icon is prominently located at the center of the toolbar, making accidental archiving of message more prone than ever. Luckily you can enable a prompt before the message is deleted via a Mail app settings.

Open the Settings app, then go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”. Scroll down to the Mail section and turn on the switch “Ask Before Deleting”.

Enable Ask Before Deleting in Mail for iOS

Once the switch is turned on, tapping on the Archive Message icon will no longer automatically delete and archive the message. Instead you will be greeted with a prompt to confirm what you actually want to do.

Archive Message Prompt in Mail for iOS

This prompt is useful especially for Mail app newcomers, who’d struggling hard to locate the “lost” message when accidentally hitting on the box icon. Apple should enable this prompt by default.