It’s time to upgrade to iOS 9

It is time to upgrade to iOS 9

iOS 9 will be out today September 16. For this latest release, Apple focuses on under the hood improvement for more reliability and faster speed. New features include revamped Notes app, a new News app, a new iCloud Drive app, Maps with transit guide, improved Spotlight search, better Siri with proactive suggestions, new Slide Over/Split View/Picture-in-Picture multitasking on iPad and QuickType keyboard on iPad.

iOS 9 will be a no brainer upgrade for existing iOS users, as it runs faster and with a more efficient battery usage. And a new Low Power mode will extend your battery life for an additional time of up to 1 hour. The upgrade to iOS 9 will be smaller this time at about 1.3GB, this compared with iOS 8 upgrade which requires about 4.6GB of space.

iOS 9 is compatible with any iPhone from iPhone 4s onwards. For iPad, iOS 9 requires at least iPad 2 onwards and runs on all iPad mini models. If you’re using iPod touch, iOS 9 supports 5th and 6th generations iPod touch models.

You might however let the dust settle a little and not rush into upgrading to iOS 9. Hugh upgrade demand is expected especially during the initial hours. It pays to wait a while for a likely faster download speed. It might also save you some trouble if the new OS were to have any major glitches. Based on iOS’s past releases, major glitches is rare but is not impossible.

As always, clean up unwanted apps and data before the upgrade. Do a backup of your phone using iCloud or iTunes before tapping on the upgrade button.