Will you buy iCloud storage from Apple?

iCloud storage upgrade new low prices

Together with the launch of iOS 9, Apple has simplified and lowered its iCloud storage pricing. Previously Apple offered iCloud storage in tiers of 5GB (free), 20GB ($0.99/month), 200GB ($3.99/month), 500GB ($9.99/month) and 1TB ($19.99/month). 

In new pricing, every iCloud user still get the same 5GB free storage. For $0.99 per month, user will get 50GB rather than 20GB. 200GB tier is now at $2.99. The 500GB tier is dropped, instead you will get 1TB for the same price of $9.99.

If you’re outside of USA, check out the Apple support document for iCloud storage pricing in your local currency. Depending on exchange rates used by Apple, you might get a better deal compared with US pricing.

iCloud storage international pricing

With attractive pricing, is it time to pay Apple for iCloud storage? It depends. We see three main uses for iCloud storage: iCloud documents created from various apps, iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Backup. If you’re using just iCloud documents, the 5GB free plan is sufficient for most people. The 50GB $0.99 tier is probably a must if you use iCloud Backup, especially if you’re backing up more than one iOS devices. iCloud Photo Library is a different consideration altogether. As you can upgrade and downgrade iCloud storage plan at anytime, just start with the lowest 50GB $0.99 plan and upgrade as needed.