All about Apple’s commitment to privacy

All about Apples commitment to privacy

For years, Apple has been positioning itself as privacy-conscious compared to its competitors. It is no surprised that they have a privacy site ( dedicated to explain the company’s commitment to protect your privacy and how your data is used. The site has been around for a while, but has recently been updated to cater for new features in iOS 9 and iPhone 6s.

“We use only the necessary data to help create the best experience for you, whether you’re using Maps to locate a restaurant or Apple Music to discover a new artist,” Apple says on the privacy site. “And we never sell your data. We know that the more personal your device becomes, the more critical it is to respect the data that’s on it.”

One key message that has been reiterated by Tim Cook during his media interviews and on the open letter fronting the privacy website: Apple does not need to use your data to make money like others such as Google and Facebook.

Check out Apple’s privacy site. Its full of details on how Apple design privacy into its devices and OSs, tips on how you can manage your privacy, and how Apple responds to information requests from governments.