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With over 3 million units sold, Amazon Echo is a surprised hit and define a new category of smart home device. Its no wonder Google is developing its Google Home clone to compete, and rumours point to a similar device coming soon from Apple.

Echo enthusiast Sam Machin has created a web app based Echo simulator at EchoSim.io, complete with Alexa integration. Amazon Alexa is the bot engine (equivalent to Siri) behind Echo. The site is build to enable developers to experiment and test their Echo/Alexa apps. It is even promoted by Amazon to its developers.

Amazon Echo/Alexa is better than Siri in few areas. It is an always on device listening to you for the whole house. Currently Apple TV has Siri but is is only for query on TV, movie, song content, and is not always on. Echo has a superior and more accurate voice command detection capability. And its killer feature is an open API and platform for integration to third party apps and services. It is rumoured that Apple will release an SDK for Siri in the coming WWDC developer conference.

If you have not jump on the Amazon Echo bandwagon, check out EchoSim.io to find out what the fuss is all about.