Apple Can Do Better #1 – Podcasts for iOS annoying playback bug

We’re starting a new “Apple Can Do Better” series where each post will describe an area that Apple can do better, be it a bug or a missing feature. To start off, we want to highlight a bug in Podcasts app that still exist in the current iOS 9.3.2.

Podcasts for iOS annoying playback bug

Podcasts for iOS is the most buggy app that is bundled with iOS 9. The current release in iOS 9.3.2 has seen improvements but an annoying bug remains.

While a podcast is playing, and you tap (let say you’re at 15:23 mark of the podcast) a different podcast to play, the newly selected podcast will start at 15:23 instead of starting from the beginning. We notice this bug does not happen all the time, and it occurs more often if you listen to downloaded podcasts rather than streaming.

Apple can definitely do better rather than giving us such an obvious bug.