Short summary on why the MacBook Pro late 2016 is not a good buy

Short summary on why the MacBook Pro late 2016 is not a good buy

This year is not a good year for Mac users. After the long delays of refreshes for Mac Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, Apple finally unveiled just one MacBook Pro upgrade for its entire Mac lineup. Many are upsets with the new MacBook Pro. You can see numerous online posts asking for MacBook Pro alternatives. Many long time Mac users are seen abandoning the Mac platform altogether. So whats wrong with the new MacBook Pro?

Many are upset with Apple’s decision to equip the new MacBook Pro with only Thunderbolt 3/ USB-C ports and one headphone 3.5mm jack. Gone are the USB-A, MagSafe, HDMI and SD card slot. And Apple even remove the optical out from the 3.5mm audio port. This force-your-throat early adoption of USB-C is making inconveniences for all users. Want to attach iPhone to debug your iOS app? Buy a USB-C to Lightning dongle. Want to use your new MacBook Pro for a presentation? Don’t forget to bring your dongle. Want to connect a USB thumb drive? You need a dongle.

In addition to losing ports, Apple is bringing the unpopular keyboard with butterfly mechanism found on the MacBook to its Pro series, all for the sake of making the MacBook Pro thin and light. Apple said the keyboard in the new MacBook Pro is an enhanced version, but early review suggests there isn’t much improvement. 

The price for the MacBook Pro is a lot more expensive compared with last year’s model. The entry level model, the one with the physical and function keys intact, is touted by Mr Phil Schiller on stage as the replacement for MacBook Air. The problem is it is $500 dollars more expensive than a MacBook Air. 

This late 2016 MacBook Pro is considered the first generation of a brand new design. From past pricing practice from the MacBook Air to Retina MacBook Pro, Apple tends to price the first generation model at a premium. This is more so in this years model as you’re paying for Apple’s investment in the Touch Bar, Touch ID, T1 chip, Thunderbolt3 and wide-color LCD. 

You can find 7th generation Kaby Lake processor in notebooks from Dell, Lenovo and Razer, but this new MacBook Pro is using last year’s 6th generation Intel Skylake processor. In addition, it is using a slower LPDDR3 memory module instead of the latest LPDDR4 tech. Apple is expected to use Kaby Lake and LLDDR4 in MacBook Pro 2017 refresh.

Depending on your usage, a Mac nowadays can easily last 3-4 years or even more. There is no need to pay for the new MacBook Pro premium if you’re in no need of an upgrade.