Notable: Connect with Thunderbolt 3; HandBrake 1.0; How China build iPhone City; Origins of Carpool Karaoke featuring George Michael

 Connect with Thunderbolt 3

Connect with Thunderbolt 3

The late-2016 MacBook Pro features Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports that replace all other type of ports except for the headphone port. To aid in this aggressive push for adoption of the latest port, Apple even has a comprehensive support article that explains what is Thunderbolt 3 and how you should connect to your peripheral devices. Check out the article Connect with Thunderbolt 3 on your late-2016 MacBook Pro.

HandBrake 1.0

HandBrake open source video transcoder

HandBrake for Mac is a capable video convertor that can also help you burn your video file to DVD. After 13 years, the developer has finally decided the software is worthy of version 1 tagging. This new release comes with improved set of presets that make it easy to convert to popular video formats. HandBrake is free and open source.

How China build ‘iPhone City’

How China build iPhone City

New York Times has published a lengthy article that examines the inner working of Foxconn’s major manufacturing plant in ‘iPhone City’ Zhengzhou, China. It describes the history and how perks and tax breaks is helping the operations. Read the article that is a result of over 100 interviews with factory workers, truck drivers, logistics handlers, and current and former Apple executives. 

The origins of Carpool Karaoke featuring George Michael

Watch the origins of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke before it became a hit show. It is a comedy skit for British charity Comic Relief in 2011, featuring the late superstar George Michael driving around and singing.