How to copy and paste picture directly into iCloud Drive and Google Drive in iOS 11

File management takes a notch up in iOS 11 as you can now create arbitrary files and folders in iCloud Drive and third party cloud drive using the Files app. Using Files app, you can quickly copy and paste picture directly into your cloud drive.

To save a web picture into Google Drive, the usual way is to first save the picture into iOS Camera Roll. Then you open up the Photos app, locate the picture, and use the share action to upload the picture to Google Drive.

Google has updated its Drive app to support file management from Files app. Here’s the quick way to save a picture to Google Drive:

On Safari, tap and hold on a picture or GIF until you see the action sheet at the bottom.

Tap on the “Copy” button to copy the image to system clipboard.

Open Files app. Navigate to the Google Drive folder where you want to save the picture. Tap and hold on an empty area to bring up the black color menu.

Tap on “Paste” on the menu to save the file to Google Drive. To rename the picture, tap the picture to bring up the menu and select “Rename” from the option.

In addition to Safari, you can use this method to save image from other apps as long as the apps support “copy” of image into system clipboard.