What are you missing out when you buy iPhone Xr?

What are you missing out when you buy iPhone Xr?

iPhone Xr (6.1″) has a starting price of $749 for the 64GB option. This compares to $999 for iPhone Xs (5.8″) and $1,099 for iPhone Xs Max (6.5″). All three new 2018 iPhone models come equipped with the same A12 Bionic chip. Beside the obvious screen size difference, what corners do Apple cut to bring you a lower priced iPhone?

One of the main selling point of iPhone Xs series is the OLED screen. iPhone Xr is using LCD screen similar to iPhone 8/8 Plus. Besides having more brilliant colors, darker black and HDR feature, OLED has the capability to curve and bend thus it gives a more borderless screen in iPhone Xs. There are edges on the LCD screen on the iPhone Xr, and it has a low 1792 x 828 resolution at 326 ppi, which is about the same ppi as iPhone 8. You get a high 458ppi with iPhone Xs. iPhone Xr also drops 3D Touch for its new LCD screen.

iPhone Xr is equiped with 3GB of RAM, the same RAM size as last year’s iPhone X. iPhone Xs series has 4GB RAM onboard. iOS is famous for being efficient with low RAM requirement. 3GB is more than sufficient in almost all iPhone use case.

iPhone Xr is build with aluminium frame instead of the more premium stainless steel material in iPhone Xs series. It is rated IP67 for water resistant while iPhone Xs is rated at IP68.

iPhone Xr has one single camera lens which is the same wide-angle f/1.8 lens in iPhone Xs. Even with just a single lens, all the portrait mode features in the Camera app are the same as iPhone Xs using software magic and the A12 Bionic chip.

The mobile radio chip in iPhone Xr is Advanced LTE with speed up to 300Mbps. iPhone Xs series is equiped with a brand new Gigabit LTE technology. To enjoy the higher speed off course requires your telco to support it in the first place.

Other than above, both iPhone Xr and iPhone Xs series are using the same front camera, same Face ID components, same glass back with wireless charging and same sensors.

While there are some compromises, you do not miss out anything significant by choosing the cheaper iPhone Xr. In fact iPhone Xr has the longest battery life among the three new models. If you’re not rich or famous, there is no point wasting more money with iPhone Xs. If you’re under peer pressure for getting iPhone Xr, just tell them you choose it because you value longer batter life.