You can view USDZ AR file using Safari in iOS 12

At WWDC 2018 this June, Apple together with co-creator Pixar, announced a new file format called USDZ (Universal Scene Description) for AR (augmented reality) applications. It allows 3D object creator to save their design in a file and share the 3D object (the file) with others. Together with Apple’s ARKit 2 framework, developers can now easily display 3D object in real space in their AR apps. Adobe and Autodesk have also announced support for USDZ in their 3D authoring tools.

In iOS 12, you can view the USDZ file in action using mobile Safari’s new AR Quick Look feature. Apple has an AR Quick Look gallery website build for developers where you can find samples of 3D object in USDZ file format. Simply tap on the object to view it in 3D. This Quick Look feature is Safari only, and does not work on other browsers. When you tap on the object in other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, you will instead be prompted to download or save the USDZ file.