You can not trust the Calculator app in iOS 11

If you rely on the system Calculator app for your day-to-day living, please take note that you might not always get the correct calculation especially if you have quick finger.

There is a bug in Calculator app for iOS 11. Try tapping quickly “1+2+3” and you will not get the correct result.

This sounds scary indeed as your iPhone is basically a computer and it can’t get such basic calculation right.

Triple tap Home button to trigger Smart Invert in iOS 11.1

iOS 11 comes with a brand new feature called Smart Invert where it “reverses the colours of the display, except for images, media and some apps that use dark colour styles”. When activated, Smart Invert gives you a pseudo system wide “dark theme” which might be useful in dark places or in situation where you want lesser attraction due to the bright phone screen.

To enable Smart Invert, go to Settings app > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colours. Tap the “Smart Invert” switch to turn it on.

With the point release iOS 11.1, Apple added a short cut to enable Smart Invert. Simply triple taps on the Home Button to toggle Smart Invert on or off. iOS 11.1 is currently still in Beta 4, and is expected to be released together with iPhone X.

How to use the built-in screen recorder in iOS 11

iOS 11 comes with a built-in screen recorder. There is no app for this functon, instead it is hidden in the Control Center.

In order to use the screen recording function, you need to add its button into the Control Center. Go to Settings app > Control Center > Customize Control. Scroll down to bottom section and tap the “+” button for “Screen Recording”. This will add the screen recording button to Control Center.

To start screen recording, activate Control Center and tap on the “Screen Recording” button. After a timer of 3 seconds, the recording of your screen activities will start. When iOS is actively recording what you do on your iPhone, the status bar will be red in color.

To stop the recording, tap on the red status bar and select “Stop” when prompted. Alternatively you can tap the same “Screen Recording” button in Control Center to stop the recording. The screen recording is saved as video into iOS Camera Roll.

You can clear out the cache storage of Twitter for iOS

Twitter for iOS has introduced a feature to allow you to manually clear out the cache storage used by the app. This is especially useful if you’re a heavy Twitter user or own a 16G iPhone. 

From the Twitter for iOS app, tap on the “Me” tab. Look for the gear icon beside your profile picture and tap on it. From the popup menu, select “Settings and Privacy” > “Data Usage”.

You can clear out the cache storage of Twitter for iOS

Under Storage section are listing for the cache usage for Media Storage and Web Storage. Tap on it for option to clear out the cache.

Find free and public Wi-Fi hotspot using Facebook

Find free and public Wi-Fi hotspot using Facebook

Facebook is launching a new “Find Wi-Fi” feature in its iOS and Android app. This is good news for those Facebook users who travel a lot and requires free Wi-Fi.

“Find Wi-Fi” is located under “Apps” section in Facebook mobile app. You will be prompted to enable this feature when you first access it. One caveat is this feature requires “Always” location access. “This allows Facebook to build a history of precise locations received through your device. You can see or delete this information in your Activity Log”.

Facebook Find Wi-Fi depends on businesses to add to their Facebook Page if they have free Wi-Fi hotspot available. Thus it does not cover all available public free Wi-Fi.

Use Siri to read out WhatsApp messages

With version 2.17.20 update, WhatsApp has finally build the interface to Siri. This enables you to read out the last received messages in WhatsApp, send out WhatsApp message or make calls via WhatsApp, all through issuing voice commands to Siri.

Permission Required Use Siri to read out WhatsApp messages 

When you first ask Siri to read out your WhatsApp messages, Siri would prompt you to grant him/her permission to access WhatsApp data. You’re good to go once you answered “Yes”.

Use Siri to read out WhatsApp messages

Simply issue the command “Read my WhatsApp messages” to Siri to listen to your recent WhatsApp messages.

App Development with Swift

App Development with Swift

Since its debut in WWDC in 2014, Swift programming language has become one of the most sought-after skill for developers on the Apple platforms. As part of Everyone Can Code effort, Apple has released a new app development full-year curriculum called “App Development with Swift”. The course, comes as a free download ebook on the iBooks Store, is designed for those who want to pursue careers in iOS app development.

5 things Apple did not mention in WWDC 2017 keynote

5 things Apple did not mention in WWDC 2017 keynote

It was a jam packed WWDC 2017 keynote by Tim Cook and his team. Besides new version of iOS 11, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11, Apple also launches new update to iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro, new iMac Pro, new 10.5” iPad Pro and new Siri-powered $349 smart speaker HomePod.

This WWDC also signals Apple’s inroad to being an AR (Augmented Reality) platform, there is an emphasis to GPU processing in its Metal 2 API. And high end iMac are now boosting GPU good enough for AR/VR play and production. In addition, Apple is making it easier for developers to add Machine Learning (ML) into their apps wth its Core ML SDK and Visions API.

Here are 5 things that Apple did not mention in its keynote:

1. iOS 11 does not run 32-bit apps

Apple has been displaying warning message in iOS 10 when you run a 32-bit app. Apple actually advised its developers to upgrade to 64-bit since mid 2015. In iOS 11, 32-bit games and apps will not run. Check out this post on how you can identify if your favourites apps are 32-bit.

2. New Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Kind of surprising to get a full-size wireless keyboard from Apple. Its $129.

3. New iCloud storage pricing

Apple has updated its iCloud storage pricing by increasing what you pay $9.99 per month for from 1 TB to 2 TB. The rest of pricing tiers remains unchanged.

– 5GB free
– 50GB $0.99
– 200GB $2.99
– 2TB $9.99 

4. MacBook Air is updated with faster processor

MacBook Air is not dead. The processor gets a speed bump from 1.6GHz to 1.8GHz.

5. MacBook Pro is still limited to maximum 16GB memory

One of the major complaints with the redesigned 2016 year end MacBook Pro is its 16GB configuration limit. This limit supposedly pissed a number of “pro” users to switch to use Windows notebook. The latest update to MacBook Pro is sticking to the 16GB limits.