Reeder for iPad and Mac is now free till version 2

Developer Silvio Rizzi is making Reeder for iPad and Reeder for Mac free, until its next major version 2 release in the coming months. Reeder for iPhone remains a paid app.

Reeder for Mac and iPad will be updated to 2.0 in the coming months. Version 2.0 will add all the features of the iPhone version, including all sharing and syncing services. Until then, Reeder for Mac and Reeder for iPad will be free, starting today.

Reeder is designed to be a Google Reader client when it was first released, and is one of the more popular Google Reader client for iOS. Since then Feeder for iOS version has added support for other feed services. With the impending closure of Google Reader on July 1st, Feeder developer has promised that development of Reeder will continue after July 1st.  It is not clear however if Reeder will provide its own web backend similar to Google Reader or a migration path for existing Google Reader users.

Reeder for iPad

Reeder for Mac