Apple Publishes iPhone 3G Guided Tour

apple-publishes-iphone-3g-guided-tourAhead of iPhone 3G’s launch on July 11, Apple publishes new video walkthrough of iPhone 3G Guided Tour that shows how to use the phone as well as new software features.

Apple provides two video walkthrough: a 38-minute complete guide for beginners, or a 12-minute version that highlights the new features and changes with iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0 firmware. iPhone 2.0 firmware will be available to existing first generation iPhone hardware.

Happy Birthday iPhone!

happy-birthday-iphoneHappy Birthday iPhone! Yes hard to believe but iPhone is one year old today. With all the hype and buzz around next generation 3G iPhone, let’s look back at some iPhone milestones for the past one year or so:

  • Apple announced iPhone on January 9, 2007
  • iPhone is released on June 29, 2007 in United States with retail price of $599 for the 8GB and $499 for the 4GB model.
  • On September 5, 2007, 68 days after the product launch, Apple dropped the 8GB model to $399 and discontinued the 4GB model.
  • iPhone launched in UK and German on November 9, 2007
  • Time Magazine named iPhone the Invention of the Year in 2007
  • Apple on June 9, 2008 unveiled details of next generation 3G iPhone, which will include 3G mobile technology and Assisted GPS function.

Apple is set to release the second generation 3G iPhone on July 11, we guess many of you already have plan to join the queue on day one.

iSuppli Says 3G iPhone Costs $173 to make

isuppli-says-apple-3g-iphone-costs-173-to-makeMarket researcher iSuppli, as with what they usually do with new Apple products, issued their teardown cost estimate of the 3G iPhone. iSuppli came up with a total of $173 for bill of materials and manufacturing costs. This is a virtual teardown estimate as iSuppli has yet to obtain an actual 3G iPhone. Apple 3G iPhone will be available on July 11th, 2008.

This low cost might explain why Apple is able to sell the new 3G iPhone for a low $199 price tag. The two main reasons according to iSuppli are: mobile phone service providers will subsidize the phone by paying Apple about US$300 per unit and the low cost of manufacturing materials for the 3G iphone.

In comparison, Apple sold the original iPhone for $499 initially, which costs $226 to make and does not include 3G and GPS components. Apple has managed to build the second-generation iPhone for 23% less than the first one. The most expensive component on the 3G iPhone is the $22.80 8G bytes of NAND flash memory, followed by the touchscreen at $20, iSuppli estimates.

This initial estimate does not include the cost of shipping, distribution, software development, packaging and accessories included with each iPhone. Taiwan’s Hon Hai (Foxconn), the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer, is making the new iPhone at factories in China.

iTunes Store Reaches Five Billion Songs Sold

itunes-store-reaches-five-billion-songs-milestoneApple today announced that iTunes Store has reached its five billion songs milestone. This is impressive, coming less than a year when Apple iTunes Store made its three billion songs milestone. Lets look at the past iTunes Store milestones:

  • iTunes Store sold its one billion songs on February 23 2006.
  • Apple announced the three billion songs milestone on 31 July 2007.
  • In April 2008 we heard the news that iTunes Store has passed Wal-Mart to become the number one music retailer in US based on the amount of music sold during January and February 2008. This data is from market research firm NPD Group’s MusicWatch Survey.

Equally impressive in the same announcement is “iTunes customers are now renting and purchasing over 50,000 movies every day”. According to Apple, this makes iTunes Store “the world’s most popular online movie store.”. Startling figures indeed as iTunes Store has only about 2,000 films in its catalog.

Click for the full text of Apple’s announcement on “iTunes Store Tops Over Five Billion Songs Sold”.