Map Your CapsLock Key to Control

When you are editing text under Mac OS X, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

* Control-a
: move to beginning of line
* Control-e
: move to end of line
* Control-d
: erase character
* Control-k
: erase characters till end of line
* Control-b
: move backward one character
* Control-f
: move forward one character
* Control-p
: move to previous line
* Control-n
: move to next line

You can use the above keyboard shortcuts in TextEdit, when you enter URL address in Safari browser, in the command line on the Terminal app etc. In fact it applies to all apps that make use of the Mac OS X edit control.

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Seven Reasons iPhone is better than Nokia N-series Smartphones

![Iphone vs Nokia Nseries](

We list down seven reasons why current crops of Nokia N-series smartphones are no match for iPhone. This article might serve as a guide if you are considering between iPhone and Nokia N-series smartphone. The choice is easy. Off course we have the Apple bias here.

### Internet connectivity
It is a pain trying to connect to Wifi on Nokia N-series phone, as you have to manually do it. And it could be annoying slow when trying to connect to a Wifi access point. And there is no auto switching between 3G and Wifi connectivity. iPhone is more like an always connected internet device, where else Nokia N-series is an ethernet device waiting to get connected.

### Bigger screen
Smartphone needs bigger screen than those on Nokia N95/N96. You will understand why if you spend some amount of time surfing the net, playing games and reading emails on the Nokias. It strains the eyes and is potential health hazard. iPhone’s screen size is not better but is usable. Suddenly reading the web from such small screen is tolerable activity. Which bring us to the next point.

### Safari Browser
There is no denying that iPhone Safari browser, couple with the touch interface, brings ease of surf to such small screen. Using Safari on the iPhone is a complete surfing experience, and it is as complete an implementation as its big brother on Mac OS X. Unlike the browser implementation on Nokia N-series, which give us a ‘half-cooked’ feeling, always.

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How To Remove iPhone Wireless Access Point

iPhone gives preference to Wifi wireless connection over GPRS 3G connection when both connections are present, but this is only true when the wireless access point is defined. If the wireless access point is a service that requires you to signon first via a web browser, you can not use the internet without this signon step. You can not choose to connect via GPRS 3G as its all automatic.

Let say you are a regular Starbucks’ Wifi service user. When you walk into Starbucks, iPhone automatically connect you to Starbucks wireless access point. You can not retrieve emails, surf the net or other internet activities without entering your credentials first.

Seamless internet connection experience is possible when you are connected to a ‘friendly’ Wifi access point, such as the one in your home networking setup.

If you are annoyed by the additional signon steps for those public Wifi service, you can remove the particular Wifi access point definition in your iPhone. Once the access point has not been used and defined before, iPhone will select GPRS 3G as the connection path. Please note that iPhone will always prompt you to select the WiFi access point when none of the surrounding Wifi access points are defined. Remember to cancel when prompted if you want the convenience of GPRS 3G connection.

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Biggest Mac Warning To Windows Users

This is one Mac OS X behavior every new Mac users must keep in mind, especially for those coming from Windows: when you copy/move a folder to a location containing a folder with the same name, Mac OS X will replace the entire content of the folder with the new one you are copying/moving over. Under Windows, the files under the two folders will be merged together.

Let say you have five photos under your folder ~/Pictures/Photos/ with the file names feb001.jpg, feb002.jpg, feb003.jpg, feb004.jpg and feb005.jpg. And on your USB thumbdrive you have a folder named Photos which has three photos with the file names feb004.jpg, feb005.jpg and feb006.jpg.

Under Mac OS X, when you copy the Photos folder from your USB thumbdrive to your ~/Pictures folder, the system will prompt you to confirm. If you proceed by clicking on the “Replace” button, the ~/Pictures/Photos content will be replaced by the content on your thumbdrive, thus you will have the files feb004.jpg, feb005.jpg and feb006.jpg. Files feb001.jpg, feb002.jpg and feb003.jpg are gone!

Under Windows, system will merge the contents of the two folders, result in six files feb001.jpg to feb006.jpg. Files feb004.jpg and feb005.jpg will be overwritten with the version on the USB thumbdrive.

As you can see this OS X behaviour can be damaging if you are not being careful, imagine having your whole year’s photos wipe out by a folder copy.

Sync Your Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts to iPhone

Google has released a beta of Google Sync that enable you to sync your Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts to those in your iphone. This free service by Google also supports similar sync for Windows Mobile devices.

This is handy for people who rely on Google tools and require the calendar and contacts info on their iphone. Please note that Google Sync will replace all your existing contacts and calendar on your iphone, be sure to backup important data before you try out the service.

For those who uses Apple’s Calendar and Contacts on their Mac and iPhone, Apple’s $99 per year MobileMe service is the option that would enable you to access your calendar and contacts over the internet.

The setup for Google Sync is slightly more complex, it uses the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync technology on the iphone thus requires the setting up of a new Exchange ActiveSync account on your iPhone. Google provides step by step setup guide to enable Google Sync on your iphone.

Google Sync Home Page.

Google Blog announcement on Google Sync for iphone.

10 Quick Ways To Launch Mac OS X Applications

You do not always have to use the Dock or the Finder application folder to start an application under Mac OS X. There are other ways and techniques you can accomplish such trivial task, some are obvious, some are improvements and some might appeal to your way of working. Choose your pick.

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18 Essential Shortcuts And Tips For Apple Safari 3

Browser is one of the most common application and it pays to master the software to get the most out of it. Listed below are 18 essential shortcuts and tips for Safari 3 that can save you time and become more proficient in using Safari. These shortcuts and tips are for the Mac version of Apple Safari 3.

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