Quick way to redial the last number on iPhone

To redial numbers you called on your iPhone, you can tap on the Recents tab for the recent calls list. If you just need the last dialed number, a quick way is to tap on the green phone icon on the keypad. This will retrieve the last dialed number but does not initiate the call, allowing you to confirm or make changes to the number.

Change the default macOS screenshot format

By default macOS saves the screenshots you take in PNG format. You can change the file format to JPG, GIF, TIFF or PDF.

To change the default screenshot file format, launch the Terminal app. To change the format to JPG, enter the following two commands in the terminal:

$ defaults write com.apple.screencapture type jpg
$ killall SystemUIServer

The killall command basically reloads the macOS SystemUIServer software to effect the changes.

To change to PDF format:

$ defaults write com.apple.screencapture type pdf
$ killall SystemUIServer

Similarly, to change to other formats, just replace the format string in the command above.

How to delete a Facebook account

If you’re tired of the social network, or don’t trust them with your personal data, a simple solution is to delete your Facebook account.

Facebook Login With Other Apps and Services

Facebook Login is used by some apps to authenticate your identity. Before you proceed to delete your Facebook account, please check that you do not have any essential apps that are using Facebook Login. You can find out the apps that are using your Facebook Login under Facebook app permissions.

For example, you might be using your Facebook Login to access to Airbnb. Change your Airbnb account to use other login method.

Download your Facebook data

You might want to download a copy of your personal data before deleting your Facebook account.

Go to Facebook on the web, click the down arrow button at far right of the menu. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Click on “General” on the left panel to access the “General Account Settings” page, and click on the last item “Download a copy of your Facebook data” to initiate data download.

Deleting your Facebook account

Deleting an account is permanent and there is no way to undo. Facebook is not making it easy for anyone to delete their Facebook account. The option is under the Help section of Facebook.

Go to Facebook Delete my account page.

Click on the “Delete My Account” button. Confirm that you want to delete the account with the CAPTCHA and click on the “Ok” button.

Once you deleted your Facebook account, it will take up to a few weeks to completely delete the account. Don’t try to signin back during this period to avoid the account being reactivated.

Deactivating your Facebook account

Instead of permanently deleting your Facebook account, you can temporarily deactivate your account. Its available under the “General Account Settings”, the same page where you download your Facebook data. Click on “Manage account” for the option to deactivate your Facebook account.

Deactivating Facebook account is a half-hearten solution for moving away from Facebook. You will always be tempted to login back and resume using Facebook. This is not recommended once you have decided to quit Facebook.

Uninstall Facebook apps

The last step is to remove the Facebook app from your computer and devices.

It’s time to check your Facebook app permissions

Facebook is facing its biggest scandal to date as its user data was harvested by marketing firm Cambridge Analytica and then used for political propaganda. If you’re not one of those millions who have since deleted their Facebook accounts, the next best thing to do is to check your Facebook app permissions.

Cambridge Analytica took advantage of a Facebbok loophole few years back. By using a simple quiz on Facebook, the firm was able to gather personal data for about 50 millions Facebook users. Facebook had corrected the loophole of app permissions. Nevertheless, you’re still giving away your personal info to apps that has your permissions.

To revoke app permissions, signin to Facebook on the web. Click on the down arrow on the far right of menu and select “settings” from the drop-down menu.

On the left pane, click on “Apps” for a list of all apps that you have given permissions to. To remove an app, hover over the app icon and click the ‘x’ Remove button.

It’s a best practice to regularly review your app permissions in Facebook, so that you can remove any unused apps from gathering your personal data.

How to Take Screenshots on iPhone X

The usual method to capture screenshot on iPhone is to press the Home button and Side/Sleep/Wake button together. Since iPhone X has no Home button, Apple uses a different button pressing combination.

To snap screenshots on iPhone X, press Volume Up button and Side/Sleep/Wake button together. You must press both buttons concurrently.

You can disable Dock app icon animations when opening Mac apps

When an app is launched on macOS, the app icon on the Dock will animate with soft bounces. This is a helpful visual indicator that the app is launching. The animation is on by default, but you can turn it off if you so choose to.

To disable the animation, go to System Preferences > Dock. Uncheck the box “Animate opening applications”.

How to force reboot of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Apple is using a new method on how you forcibly restart an iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. If your new iPhone is not responsive or dead, this is how you force start the device:

Step 1: press the Volume Up button, and then release.

Step 2: press the Volume Down button, and then release.

Step 3: press and hold the side Power button until you see the  Apple logo appears. It might takes a while.

You must perform the steps in sequence in order for it to work.

How to check internet speed using Google search

You might be familiar with using tool such as Speedtest by Ookla to check the speed of your Internet connection. A more convenient method is to run the speed test directly using Google search. Simply search for “speed test” under Google.

Check your Internet speed with Google Search

On the top portion of search result, click on the blue button “Run Speed Test” to start the test.

How to Internet speed test with Google Search

The speed tool provided by Google search will carry out the usual upload and download speed test. Once completed, you will see the upload and download speed of your connection, the server used for the test and the latency.