App of the week: Screens VNC


If you rely on VNC protocol to access your desktop computers remotely on your iPad or iPhone, then Screens VNC is as best an app you could get. Screens VNC is pricey at $19.90 for an iOS app, but the app gets it right by implementing features that make it easy to use touch based interface to maneuver the cursor on the desktop. Screens app is an universal app with iCloud and AirPlay integration. And a free Screens Connect helper app enable you to access your desktop from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Screens VNC on App Store

App of the week: Temple Run


Temple Run is the game you play to test your reflexes. Running in a 3D maze to get alive is what the game is all about. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins to power up and Temple Run is a never ending running game until your character dies. Temple Run is a free universal app with power-up option via in-app purchase of coins.

Temple Run on the App Store

App of the week: Angry Birds Space


The birds are back with Angry Birds Space. Luckily, instead of cranking up follow-ups such as Angry Birds Season/Angry Birds RIO in the shadow of the original Angry Birds, developer Rovio took a bold step by venturing into space. And Space gives up a brand new out-of-this-world physics thus a different gameplay from the original series.

So, the birds are back, and the domination of the Angry Birds franchise continues. And you have to be warned that unlike past Angry Birds games for the iOS, in-app purchase is everywhere for Angry Birds Space. The version for iPhone costs $0.99 to download and the HD version for the iPad is $2.99. But this only gives you probably half of the game and you will be prompted to purchase in order to unlock new levels. For parents, this will probably be the most expensive Angry Birds game ever.

Angry Birds Space for iPhone

Angry Birds Space for iPad

App of the week: Draw Something


To find out why Draw Something is the latest sensation on the App Store, just download the app and play it. Entertaining and addictive, Draw Something is a social where you draw a sketch of a selected word, send the drawing to the other person and he/she tries to guess the word. You earn coins when you guess right and you can use the coins to buy color pack for your drawing. There is a free version available and the ads-free version is a universal app at $0.99.

Draw Something on the App Store