App of the week: Readability


Readability has released its universal iOS app for iPhone and iPad, and it is worth the wait. Readability is similar to offering such as Safari’s Reading List and Instapaper, where you submit web pages to read-later. Before the launch of the iOS app, Readability is a website-only service. Core to Readability is its ability to scrap web pages to retain only the main content. In fact Apple is using the same technology in its Reader implementation in Safari.

One advantage of Readability compared with Reading List is the website You can login to the site when you are not around your Mac, let say on a Windows PC, to access your bookmarked reading list. In addition, an open API allows you to submit bookmarks to read-later from browsers and third party apps such as Reeder, Pulse, Tweetbot, Echofon etc. Readability app is free, beautiful, and set to become the new standard for read-later service on iOS.

Readability on App Store

App of the week: iTunes U


Apple released a new iTunes U app for iPhone/iPad as part of its educational event on Jan 19. iTunes U is a free app that allows you to access the educational audio/video podcast of iTunes Store on your iDevices. With the release of iTunes U app, Apple is transforming iTunes U into an educational platform allowing teachers to include course syllabus, handouts, assignments and other materials. As part of the launch, there are already over 100 courses optimized for iDevices from universities such as Yale, Duke, MIT, Stanford etc.

iTunes U on App Store

App of the week: WolframAlpha


If you have a computational question, WolframAlpha will definitely give a faster and more comprehensive answer than web search results. WolframAlpha has a vast knowledge engine covers wide range of domains such as Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Engineering, Astronomy, Medicine, Geography, Finance etc. WolframAlpha is a Universal app for iPhone/iPad at $2.99, and requires an Internet connection for the app to work.

WolframAlpha at App Store

App of the week: Snapseed


It is a new year, and a new App of the Week. We just can not recommend any other app this week. Hot on the heels of winning iPad App of the Year in App Store Rewind 2011 by Apple editorial, the $4.99 photo app is now free for a limited period on the App Store.

Snapseed is developed by Nik Software, a software company specialized in professional photo editing and effects. Snapseed brings pro-level photo editing to the iOS by giving you fine editing controls. Snapseed is a universal app, and we must admit it is tough to work on photos on iPhone’s small screen. But Snapseed shines when you use it on iPad.

Snapseed on App Store

App of the week: Alfred


Alfred is a productivity app that can do many things. You invoke Alfred with a customizable hot-keys which will bring out the command bar. Enter an app name or search term and Alfred will execute your order. Alfred is an app launcher and a search helper. Alfred can also do basic calculations, check word spellings and helps you issue system commands.

Alfred on Mac App Store



App of the week: Words With Friends

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is social gaming at its best. Similar to an electronic version of Scrabble, you can play Words With Friends against a friend from your contact list, find a friend or play from a random opponent from its more than 20 million users. There is an HD version for iPad and ads supported free versions as well.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends Free

Words With Friends HD

Words With Friends HD Free

App of the week: Path


Path has just released version 2, with a revamped interface that is about sharing all aspect of your life, photos, vides, message, songs, location and even sleep. Called it a micro blogging app or life journal app, Path 2 is what the app should have been in the first place. The famous 50 person limit is increased to 150 in Path 2. Yes there is still a limit to the number of people you can share things in the app. And the app now sync your Path pots with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr.

Path on App Store