App of the week: Vimeo


Vimeo is the best destination site for high quality videos on the net. It is popular and favored over YouTube by many creative video producers. With its recently released iPhone app, it is now easier to upload video directly from iPhone to the video sharing site.  And the app comes with a relatively advanced video editing features such as focus control, trimming, transitions and effects. It’s a free download.

Vimeo iTunes link

App of the week: Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings

If you’re tired of Angry Birds, then Tiny Wings is your next additive iOS game on the App Store. In Tiny Wings, you’re controlling a small bird who has the ambition of climbing and flying over hills and mountains and oceans. It is simple and the it is nonviolence.

Tiny Wings is currently ahead of Angry Birds but below the new Angry Birds Rio in most iTunes chart. It is developed by one Andreas Illiger and is destined to be one of the top iOS games for year 2011.

Tiny Wings iTunes Link