No magazine app about Android allowed in iTunes App Store

Apple has rejected a magazine app about Android from iTunes App Store as “We cannot have a magazine about Android in our App Store”. Danish magazine publisher Mediaprovider got a call from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino California explaining the ban of its Android Magasinet magazine app.

“You know… your magazine… it’s just about Android…. we can’t have that in our App Store.”

Apple bans mag-app on Android from App Store

Apple App Store Competitors

![Apple App Store](

Apple’s App Store pioneered the managed mobile application marketplace, even though Apple is one of the last major players to enter the smartphone race. App Store has so far surpassed expectation with its billion downloads recently and is one of the major differentiating feature of iPhone compared with other smartphone platform.

The overwhelming success of App Store spurs other vendors to develop their own store in order to compete. In case you are confused by the different naming for app stores, here is the list of Apple App Store’s competitors:

### App World

BlackBerry launched App World in Apr. [Visit the store.](

### Android Market

[Android Market]( for Google Android based phones was launched in Oct 2008, with the availability of paid apps from Feb this year for US market.

### App Catalog

This could be the name for Palm’s app store for its webOS devices, nothing is confirmed until Palm Pre’s official debut, which should be anytime now. But there is no indication if Palm’s app store will be available together with the launch of the first webOS phone.

### Ovi Store

Nokia’s Ovi branding is more than just a store, [the Ovi website]( encompasses other phone services such as contacts and calendar sync to the internet cloud, similar to what is being offered in MobileMe and Microsoft’s MyPhone.

Nokia on Monday [began rolling out its Ovi Store]( to production servers, and is live today worldwide for Nokia phone owners. TechCrunch took a spin and called the launch [a complete disaster](

### Windows Marketplace for Mobile

Microsoft has yet to launch its Windows Marketplace for Mobile app store for Windows Mobile platform, but you can’t help but notice the store has the longest name among all the app stores, just like most of other Microsoft products. We suspect the branding is from the same marketing team behind Windows Vista.

Too many app stores for our money indeed. Will there be app store from Sony Ericsson or even Motorola?

Updated June 03, 2009 – Sony Ericsson [announced their PlayNow Arena app store](

Windows Marketplace and Nokia Ovi To Take On App Store

Microsoft announced Windows Mobile 6.5 on Monday at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona. Mobile devices with the new version of OS will appear last quarter of this year. The next-gen mobile platform sports a new honeycomb cells home screen and take interface cues from Microsoft’s Zune, with new services that are similar to Apple’s iPhone offering:

  • Sports a new touch-screen honeycomb Start screen “designed for use with your fingers to accurately select the application, folder, game or setting quickly and easily.”
  • Will ship with a new version of Internet Explorer Mobile browser that promises desktop-quality rendering. It will comes with Adobe Flash Lite, which is still missing on iPhone.
  • A new My Phone service allows subscribers to sync mobile data, similar to Apple’s MobileMe offering. My Phone takes one step further, allowing you to backup the entire phone device to the cloud and then restore the image back to a phone device.
  • The more signficant announcement should be the plan for Windows Marketplace, an Apple App Store like service that mobile user can access directly from their phone to purchase Windows Mobile applications and games.

Meanwhile, Nokia unveiled its Ovi Store in the same Mobile World Congress event. Nokia Ovi Store is an app store for Nokia S40 and S60 phones that wil go live this May. Nokia highlighted that Ovi Store will make purchase recommendations based on your geographical location and past purchase. Nokia has launched an Ovi developer site, paid apps will get 70% reveuue share, which is the same as Apple App Store. Nokia is doing the right things by luring developers into its camp.

Apple’s App Store is a business model executed successfully by Apple. Extending on the resource and experience of its iTunes Store, Apple has the biggest advantage and lower cost of entry than the others. Apple has been touting iPhone’s over 10,000 apps as one of its selling point, it is surprised that Nokia and Microsoft, who were few years ahead than Apple in the mobile market, only now see this as a differentiating factor for their platform.

Let the competition begins!

Meet nine-year-old iPhone app Doodle Kids developer

“I wrote the program for my younger sisters, who like to draw” said Lim Ding Wen, age 9 of Singapore, the developer of Doodle Kids iphone app.

The free finger painting app has been downloaded more than 4,000 times in two weeks from the App Store.

Lim, probably the youngest iPhone app developer at the moment, is fluent in six programming languages and has been using computers since he was two years old. He likes programming and has completed more than 20 programming projects since age 7. Lim is working on his second iPhone app called Invader Wars, we can’t wait.

Apple App Store Is Live But Where Is iPhone 2.0 Software?

apple-app-store-is-live-but-where-is-iphone-2-softwareApple’s App Store is now live with over 500 native applications for iPhone 3G, iPhone and iPod Touch. These applications however require iPhone 2.0 Software, which is not released yet. iPhone 3G which will be on sale tomorrow will have iPhone 2.0 Software as default. Existing original iPhone and iPod touch will need to upgrade to iPhone 2.0 Software to run these software.

You can access the App Store now via iTunes Store with the new iTunes 7.7 release. You can also access AppStore directly on your iPhone 3G, and on your original iPhone/iPod touch with the iPhone 2.0 Software installed. Over 125 of the applications are free download, and most pay apps cost less than $10 with the most expensive being ForeFlight Mobile at $69.99. Apple chief executive Steve Jobs has mentioned that 90 percent of the pay applications will cost just $9.99 or less.

Some of the free applications include Apple Remote for iTunes, AIM instant messaging, Twitterrific client for Twitter and Google Mobile. Example pay applications include Sega’s Super Monkey Ball, Apple’s Texas Hold’em, Pangea’s Enigmo, Pangea’s Cro-Mag Rally and Freeze Tag’s Etch A Sketch.