Apple launches iTunes 8, new iPods and iPhone 2.1 Software

A thin but healthy looking Steve Jobs on Tuesday unveils at Apple’s ‘Lets Rock’ event iTunes 8, iPod Classic update, new fourth generation iPod nano, new second generation iPod touch and iPhone 2.1 software. These announcements are ‘underwhelming’ as there are no real surprises, and the spy shots of the new iPod nano prior to the launch is spot on. Let’s summarize the highlights from what Jobs called a ‘music’ event:

  • Apple’s iTunes numbers: over 8.5 million songs, over 125,000 podcasts, over 30,000 TV shows, over 2600 movies, over 3,000 iPhone/iPod touch apps. And 65 million customers.
  • iTunes to have high-definition TV shows. HD content costs $2.99 per episode while the standard definition is $1.99.
  • NBC is coming back to iTunes, say hello to “The Office”, “Monk”, “Battlestar Galactica” etc. iTunes stopped selling NBC TV shows end Aug 2007 following NBC’s decision to not renew agreement with Apple then.
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