Apple, One iPad Model Please

Apple finally get it’s 3G version of iPad in store yesterday. But we are curious why there is a separate model exists in the first place.

iPad is a mobile device. And iPad should be an always connected mobile device. But a WiFi only version takes away what has been ‘preaching’. And it is a reminescene of the hardware model as found in netbooks and pc notebook. One might wonder if an old guard at Dell or HP just found a job at Apple marketing.

Surely it appears that seperating the versions means people who do not need 3G will pay lesser and get a better deal. Why pay something that I do not use? But it is just how Apple priced the model to be. The actual component cost difference the two models are much less than what people thought there are.

We suspect there might be technical reason why Apple choose to market iPad like netbook. Apple probably could not get the 3G integration ready into their aggresive schedule. That is why there is an obvious signal receiver on top of iPad 3G which is not an Apple like design.

We hope gen 2 model will do with one model for it’s always connected vision. Besides, push notifications and GPS is more usable with an always connected device.